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Find Financial Security In The Choices You Make

During Covid-19 the government has endlessly supplied society with funding to businesses, landlords, and nonprofits as well as provided stimulus checks to the general public. I've heard people using their stimulus check to go on vacation, buy the newest technology, or even go on a shopping spree. During this economic crisis, we've watched businesses close down and watched others lose jobs or be furloughed for extended periods of time. The hits keep coming as the government all over the world treads water continuously giving away money that they do not have.

As of November 14, 2021, the National Debt for the United States of America was $26.70 Tillion. This number continues to climb, inflation gets worse every year, and we as the American people continue to allow a group of politicians to dictate what is best for us. I'm here to be the slap in the face. The government does not care about the people of this country. The only people that care about your family are your family. It is time to take control of your life and the only way to do that is to stop allowing the government to dictate your financial security. Below are three ways to change your thinking and head down a strong financial path.

  1. You will never be able to retire on just social security - Social Security was never meant to be a way to fund your retirement. It was always supposed to be a supplement. Once all your debt (with the exception of your mortgage) is paid off it is vital to be putting 15% of your income into an IRA and/or a 401K. It may seem like a lot, but without planning for your future, it will be difficult to afford one.

  2. Find a job your love that has flexibility - There is a saying that goes, "You will never work a day in your life if you are doing something you love." Many people want to retire and do nothing for the rest of their days as they get older, but is retirement a death sentence? I do not know that I want to stop working, but I do know that I want to have less stress, more time with family and friends, and have the ability to be mobile when I want. I believe that these are all things that we want as humans so find your purpose, your why, and financial success and security will come along for the ride.

  3. Be smart about your spending - Spend large amounts of money on things that go up in value not down. Spending $100,000 on a car is crazy as when you drive a car off the lot it immediately goes down in value. Spending $150,000 on a piece of real estate that you can use as a rental property can not only bring you income but if you buy in the correct neighborhood can go up in value. This will help line your pockets with additional cash when you decide you want to sell it.

We live in a world of choices. There is a quote from one of my favorite TV Shows (Dawson's Creek) where the character Jack is talking with his best friend Jen and he says, "Did it ever occur to you that you're so caught up in trying to make the right choice that you've never stopped to consider the possibility that there may not be a right choice, or a wrong choice, just a bunch of choices?" I believe that we have a lot of choices in this world. Every choice we make defines who we are going to become. Be alert, be aware, and be secure in the choices you make as they define who you are and your future.


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